Tridacom Appoints Matthew Oehm as Vice President
December 13th, 2013 Jennifer Warren

President, Michael Somerville and the Tridacom team are proud to officially announce the recent appointment of Matthew Oehm to the role of Vice President. Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Information Technology Industry and strong leadership experience, including his most recent position with Almag Aluminum. Matthew joined Tridacom in 2008 and has played a significant role in the company’s growth, “the move to Executive Leadership was a natural transition for Matthew; he is dedicated, knowledgeable and a seasoned IT Professional. We all look forward to the expertise he will bring to his new role” says Somerville.

As part of the Executive Management team Matthew will be working to grow the Tridacom Information Technology Solutions division, manage the Digital Phone Services division, and work hands on with the team to ensure client satisfaction. Commenting on his appointment, Matthew says: “There has been some very exciting growth at Tridacom, I am extremely excited about this new role and look forward to working with the team to drive some great opportunities for us all.”

Established in 2008, Toronto based Tridacom is a full service technologies firm providing a broad spectrum of services to help your business stay connected. From IT Solutions to VoIP Communications Services, the Tridacom team has technology experience dating back to the 1990’s and a clear understanding of the needs and choices available to today’s businesses.

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