With any type of Internet-based services, there may be from time to time service interruptions that we are unable to control. These service interruptions could be related to numerous factors such as power interruption, network congestion, bandwidth constraints and network maintenance.

Tridacom is committed to providing our customers with the best level of service possible.

When an issue arises Tridacom will respond to resolve the issue by working with you, the customer. If we can’t fix the issue or if the issue is out of Tridacom’s control and you are not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days of activation, we will offer you a complete refund of the fees and taxes you paid for the service*.


*Does not include professional installation, local number portability, shipping or any potential fees associated to move your phone lines back to your previous or new provider. If you purchased equipment from Tridacom, it must be returned in good working order prior to Tridacom refunding your service.